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MS Attack?

This past week I had an episode I can only describe as some kind of attack. It started with tingling in above my left breast and quickly spread to my face, lips, mouth, etc and intensified in severity followed immediately by a tighteness in my chest and squeezing spasms that felt a lot like contractions in my abdomen. I thought I was having a heart attack. Has anyone experienced anything like this. Does this sound like an MS attack?

I drove myself to the ER, which thankfully wasn’t far. Everything… read more

posted about 12 hours ago by A MyMSTeam User

I also had MS hug smyptoms like that, had for months, the worst pain I have ever exp with this disease

posted about 11 hours ago
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Who all is going a more natural approach to treatment instead of prescription?

I have read lots of case studies suggesting that diet and a healthier lifestyle can really help the disease and symptoms. I have taken Copaxone and hate it but I do not want to move to an RX with more side effects as I am already on an antidepressant.
Anyone trying to go about this holistically?

posted about 19 hours ago by A MyMSTeam User

I've been working a holistic route for the past two years. Vegan plus seafood diet, meditation, exercise or stretching of some sort almost every day,… read more

posted about 15 hours ago
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Unusual symptoms

What are the rarest or unusual symptoms that you’ve had?

posted 1 day ago by A MyMSTeam User

I have ran the guantlet of symptoms, however the stragest was uncontrolable laughter. Happened randomly out of the blue for months. Now I have anxiety… read more

posted about 3 hours ago
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Did You Know? Humans have a cannabinoid receptor (CB1) anandamide in the brain, neurotransmitter targets same structures as THC

Mine must work bassackward because I receive no relief from Cannabis.

Never the less I found Pages #19-#20 regarding Cannabis and MS contained in the information below very interesting and wanted to share with my fellow teammates.

Blessing be upon you all <3

posted 1 day ago by A MyMSTeam User

In my teen years Marijuana=Munchies!!! If there's significant merit to the proclamation that humans possess an element affiliated with THC that can… read more

edited, originally posted about 19 hours ago
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Does anyone take CBD oil (no THC) and get any benefit from it? Was wondering about relief from pain and anxiety.

posted 1 day ago by A MyMSTeam User

CBD helped me a bit, but it's definitely more effective when paired with some THC. I take just CBD in the morning so I can function normally, and then… read more

posted about 12 hours ago
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Am I crazy? Symptoms spiking within a week of stopping gilenya?

I made the decision with my doctor to stop gilenya treatment to try another medication. After working well for me for 4 years, my doctor feels it isn't cutting it anymore. I took my last pill 1 week ago, and although this time has been stressful, I started feeling a spike in my existing symptoms yesterday... after the stress started to die down. I sincerely dont believe this one is stress induced, I'm getting tons of sleep, I'm not getting sick, and… read more

posted 1 day ago by A MyMSTeam User

When i went off betaseron before starting a new med i had a full blown flare up. Some meds that are working and you go off this happens. Every drug is… read more

posted about 20 hours ago
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I have had MS now for 12 years. Is there anyone out here who is NOT on any medication for their MS?
I have never took any medication for mine. 1 I haven't been offered any and 2 I don't think I would take any!!

posted 1 day ago by A MyMSTeam User

Hello..My Consultant never mentions medication but if I do have to start taking it at least I have been 'drug free' for the last 12 years! I am… read more

posted about 18 hours ago
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Provigil/modafinil have you used for fatigue? What’s your experience with it? Thoughts on risk/ benefit of use.

Has anyone used provigil/modafinil for ms relayed fatigue?
What has your experience been with it? What side effects did you experience?
Do you take it daily? As needed?
Do you still feel like yourself?
How many hours does it last?
Do you think the benefits outweigh the risks?
Any input you have on knowledge about this med.
It’s been a day since I tried it & I still feel side… read more

edited, originally posted 2 days ago by A MyMSTeam User

Im on it and it works great for me. Ive been on for about 2-3 years and generally take it every day. It isnt perfect in that fatigue still exists but I… read more

posted about 17 hours ago
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Has anyone started Mavenclad (Cladribine) and after finishing week one gotten nauseated and had leg pain

Wondering if the leg pain is due to heat wave going on here but never has this sort
Of neuropathic leg pain in the past

posted 2 days ago by A MyMSTeam User

Is there any way to postpone your start date to at least the week after? I know the way I felt during week 1 that I was very happy to not be working for… read more

posted about 15 hours ago
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I just started Gabapentin yesterday for tingling that started in my legs and feet. My question is does it help tingling of the face?

posted 2 days ago by A MyMSTeam User

I take 600mg three times a day, and it helps me to able to live without to much nervepain.

I dont think it helps just to take it occationally

posted about 22 hours ago
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