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When your MS Gives You “Brain Fog”

“Brain fog” from MS can come in many forms. Do any of the following sound familiar to you?• Difficulty finding the right words• Forgetting your best friend’s name in conversation• Trouble concentrating at work• Accidentally leaving the stove on...… read more >
Posted 03/05/2017

The Invisible War on Emotion

So you have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Like every other serious health diagnosis, the news is really hard to take in, especially if you are feeling relatively good.While some people feel relieved to finally get a name for all their...… read more >
Posted 02/16/2017
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Could You Be Paying Less for Your MS Meds?

Getting the best deal for MS medication is rarely something we think about, especially if we have health insurance. However, there are deals to be had in the form of “copay assistance.” “Copay” is the amount of money we pay as consumers, or...… read more >
Posted 02/05/2017
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Are you living with more than multiple sclerosis?

If so, you’re not alone. One in four Americans is living with multiple chronic conditions, and among Americans aged 65 and older, as many as three out of four people have multiple chronic conditions.Managing multiple chronic conditionsWhen you...… read more >
Posted 02/05/2017
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Crowdsourced: 6 Steps To Reduce Side Effects From Interferons (Infographic)

On MyMSTeam, members shared the steps they take before, during and after Interferon injections to reduce pain and side effects. We realized that there's a ritual many MSers follow -- tested and tried steps to take during each injection that help...… read more >
Posted 11/30/2016
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Your Answers: The Worst MS Advice (Infographic)

We asked and you answered! We posted this question: What bits of "advice" do you wish people would stop telling you? and hundreds of you took the time to respond. What did we learn? From the unconcerned ("You should get out more") to the plain...… read more >
Posted 11/13/2016
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Story of HOPE: MS and Depression

by Jeannine CzopWhen people ask me how I’m doing, like many people, I always reply “fine,” or “good days and bad days, but I’m doing good.” Those are my default answers, for my friends, family, and doctor. I don’t think they want to know how I...… read more >
Posted 10/27/2016

Survivor’s Guilt and MS Awareness

By Kathy of FUMSAccording to Wikipedia, “Survivor guilt (or survivor’s guilt; also called survivor syndrome or survivor’s syndrome) is a mental condition that occurs when a person perceives themselves to have done wrong by surviving a traumatic...… read more >
Posted 10/14/2016
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MS: What People Don't See (Infographic)

There's so much more to multiple sclerosis than meets the eye. Below the surface, living with MS can mean days spent in bed, missed appointments, and alternate days when we seem "fine." We know that MS comes with hundreds of possible combinations...… read more >
Posted 10/04/2016

The Luxury of Time

By guest blogger Meagan Freeman“Be patient. Wait. No rush. You have plenty of time.”How many times during your life have you heard these words of wisdom being uttered by those around you? I don’t think I can count.I have always been a very...… read more >
Posted 09/26/2016
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