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Has anyone experience nausea while getting a MRI with contrast?

Every time I have to get a MRI with contrast, it makes me nauseated, has anyone experience this before? If so, how can you reduce the nausea?

posted about 5 years ago by A MyMSTeam User

My neurologist is aware of it, he says that it is a side effect.

posted about 5 years ago

@GodsProperty. I thought it was only me who experienced this. I mentioned it to my PCP after my last MRI (brain & cervical) in June 2013. She said… read more

posted about 5 years ago

You should make sure your dr and radiologist know before your next MRI. They may pre medicate you. I get a bad taste in my mouth, like lead taste.… read more

posted about 5 years ago

@klbc1990, I do not take anything prior. @Cathygr, maybe I need to look into taking something prior. I dread getting MRIs due to the fact that I get so… read more

posted about 5 years ago
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