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Foot Drop

Foot Drop

I know I ask so many questions, sorry guys but i feel like you guys are the only people that can help. So another question, has anyone managed to treat foot drop? Or is there no treatment?

A MyMSTeam Member said:

I was lucky enough to get an FES device for my drop foot, that has improved my walking.
For me I can now walk again without my stick, And I now walk further. As a result my confidence walking has improved.

posted 11 months ago
A MyMSTeam Member said:

I had one of those plastic braces that fit into my sneakers. I had to buy 2 different sizes so the brace would fit. When I asked the ortho doc how long I would have to wear it, he said "forever." That is the exact time I decided to take the treatment into my own hands. I began by saying "pick up your foot-heal toe, heal toe." It took almost 2 years, but I managed to reprogram my brain to make me pick up my foot. I threw the brace away and I thankfully don't have footfall anymore. Seems that I out-witted MS this time, but I have other MS symptoms to deal with...MS-1, Flo Lots more. I hope this helped anyone dealing with footfall.

posted 12 months ago
A MyMSTeam Member said:

I have BEATIN drop foot! I stand on my tip toes and hold myself up for ten seconds then let myself down slowly, I do four sets of these three times per week and it is GONE (foot drop) and I can't believe I beat it! Now it took a little time a few weeks but it worked for me the only time I feel anything like drop foot is if I am extremely tired.

edited, originally posted over 1 year ago
A MyMSTeam Member said:

I currently have a medium version of Drop Foot but the primary problem for me it convincing both legs to raise up enough in situations where the ground is not flat. About 9 months ago I purchased a SegWay mini (with a steering handle instead of knee steering arm) and use it for any situations where lengthy walking is going to happen (even in CostCo) and this has changed my life. I know this is not a fix for the body, but this has reopened events where I used to write off my even considering going. In the end, I recommend doing constant core exercises and believing in yourself, the mind / body connection is the best medicine.

posted over 2 years ago
A MyMSTeam Member said:

I had an AFO at one point, but found it uncomfortable to wear for a full day and overly rigid. About two years ago, I was fitted with a Functional External Stimulator (FES) on my left leg. It uses motion sensors and low voltage impulses to trigger the muscles that lift my foot when I take a step. Insurance covered the majority of the cost & the distributor had a program to pay off the co-pay with 0% interest. Love it!

posted about 2 years ago
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