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Just wanted to share the testamony of this lady who got off all 16 of her meds and can now walk again through raw fruit and veggies

I just wanted to share this video of a lady who was healed from MS by switching to a raw fruits and veggie diet. I know with my heart problems the juicing i started when I got my nutribullet did amazing things for stopping my chest pain. I think if you even just add juicing to your current diet it can be so beneficial. Juicing is amazing because you dont have to digest the… read more

posted 6 months ago
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Research doing the opposite of what's been done for 40 years

My daughter is doing a college research paper, her topic MS. She came across this article from the University of Buffalo taken from a study published in the Journal of Neuroimaging, 2018
"Atrophied Brain Lesion Volume: A New Imaging Biomarker in Multiple Sclerosis."
Not so much a question but a VERY interesting article everyone with MS should read. I am curious if anyone else has seen this or heard about it?

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posted 4 months ago
A MyMSTeam Member said:

"For decades, clinicians treating multiple sclerosis (MS) have interpreted the appearance of new or expanding brain lesions on magnetic resonance… read more

posted about 1 month ago
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Dr. Benjamin Thrower @ the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, GA?

Your experience with him? Is he ms specialist “kind? Knowledgeable? Explain well? Treatments? Long distance treatment? Comprehensive? Open to natural or alternative treatments? Offer help with all other symptoms ie bladder, cognitive?

posted 11 months ago
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Anyone experience Alice in Wonderland Syndrome?

I know this sounds goofy..but just wonder if its a related issue to MS. I have, since I was a teenager, had an issue with things being larger than they should be. Like that guy in the flu commericial who is huge and doesn't fit in his house...or like now..our local mall has huge Christmas Bulbs sitting around the parking lot. Seeing these makes me I am almost going to throw up. I looked it up online and its called Alice in Wonderland Syndrome. Its so… read more

posted almost 4 years ago
A MyMSTeam Member said:

Did you ever learn anything new about this syndrome? I have been experiencing the feeling of shrinking and feeling like everything is going extremley… read more

posted 3 months ago
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What is the lemtrada experience?

What about MAYO CLINIC?

posted 10 months ago
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MS Medication and Fertility

Wondering if anyone has had any problems with fertility after being on a treatment for a while. I was on Aubagio for a year. Have been on nothing for a while. We’re trying to give it one last hurrah to see if we can. I’m curious to see if anyone has had or heard any research any fertility post-treatments.

posted about 1 year ago
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Guides to MS

Hi, someone pointed me in the direction of these - do you know any better?

I think the idea of a men's Haynes guide is hilarious! Perhaps we could get a Vogue one for women? ;-D Mx

posted about 1 year ago
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