Multiple Sclerosis Question

Has anyone heard of ALL DAY ENERGY GREENS?

Got the info in the mail, says it is for energy, weight loss, immunity, pain-free mobility, sleep, vision, cellular health, etc. I was just wondering if it would help with MS. It is a company out of AZ.

posted almost 5 years ago by A MyMSTeam User

Check for complaints abt the product B4 ordering. There are lots if oroducts abd it can get costly. Try juicing!

posted almost 5 years ago

I wasn't going to order, it cost too much but was just wondering if anyone had heard about it.

posted almost 5 years ago

I googled it. don't like that the ingredients are not listed on the site. 6 oz of liquid with the mixture in it will leave you hungry.
Personally, I'll… read more

posted almost 5 years ago

Always best to go with whole foods,Increase the amounts of greens in your diet, including parsley & cilantro, both have been shown to help reduce… read more

posted almost 5 years ago
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