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I was wondering if you can get the flu shot while taking tecfidera?

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posted over 4 years ago by A MyMSTeam User

I was told by my neuro that I should get one.

posted over 4 years ago

I'm not sure. I haven't started taking this new treatment yet but I do plan on getting 1. I saw my neurologist today and was told I will be contacted by… read more

posted over 4 years ago

I was wondering what type of side effects will I have to look out for? This is my 4th RRMS
Treatment since being diagnosed in June of 2004.

posted over 4 years ago

You can get flushing which makes you so hot and just one day I had diarrhea but I know I didn't have really bad side effects

posted over 4 years ago

i also had flushing. pretty bad, called the hotline and was told to take a low dose 81mg aspirin with each dose of tecfidera and that really helped.

posted over 4 years ago

I got the flu shot. Had no problems!

posted about 4 years ago

No one knows how Tecfidera works. I asked my neuro the same question, and he said it was fine to get the flu vaccine. I am NOT inspired by the guesswork… read more

posted over 3 years ago
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