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How to answer the question " Have you fallen"?

How to answer the question " Have you fallen"?

Should be simple yes or no, but starting to think I need to change my answer. I always answer " No, I have not fallen to the ground, but I do loose balance and start to fall. I have landed against a doorway ( results in large bruises), car door, the bed, furniture, of caught myself on my husband. Other times I am able to regain my balance and just stumble. However, the person then marks 'No", and that is it. This happens muliple times a week. My husband says I need to… read more

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A MyMSTeam Member said:

Yes, tell them you've almost fallen! The question is asked 1) to keep you safe while at the doctor's, lab, etc. and 2) to keep track of your symptoms.

posted 5 months ago
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