Multiple Sclerosis Question

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What are the probable effects of a left frontal lobe lesion, and are symptoms likely to lessen with time?

I think I may act differently from before my recent relapse. I am impulsive, I cuss more easily, I am faster to anger, I am talkative and maybe slightly less socially aware though that is impossible to tell from inside, and I am more social-- like I used to get after about 2 beers. Is that maybe from the lesion, and will it go back to normal? Am I stuck without impulse control? How would I know for sure? Or is… read more

posted 8 days ago
A MyMSTeam Member said:

Yoda147, Patriciaclarke, Joannehorton, SLC_mary and icemyback;
Thank you all for u'r welcome and comments, I have frontal lobe brain damage, among other… read more

posted 2 days ago
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