Multiple Sclerosis Question

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I was able to get in to the Neurologist N.P. yesterday. I was going through the symptom tracker with him. When I told him about the headches (with this cold flushed water feeling, under my skull), then the spasms on my right arm, and behind my right eye, the insomnia with a vengeance, he had a few questions.

He said he wanted to do an extended E.E.G, to check my brain waves, and he wanted to rule out for sure that I wasn't having small seizures of sorts. Has anyone else had something close to seizures… read more

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A MyMSTeam Member said:

Well that reads as usual all they can do is clutch at straws instead of asking us who are going threw all this mess. There is a lot of rubbish out there… read more

posted 14 days ago
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