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Any suggestions on dealing with the claustrophia during an MRI?

I have tried the open sided machine. I may have tolerated being in it had the tech not been so pushy and uncompassionate. I am looking for thoughts or pictures or something to "take" with me to my test next Monday.

posted about 5 years ago by A MyMSTeam User

a full bar a zanaxa make me to where i don't care

posted about 1 year ago
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Do I continue to get an MRI?

I haven't had an MRI since 2011 and still debate what to do. They didn't find any new lesions and I haven't had any more flare ups. I have the small every so often type symptoms but never a flare up.
My attitude is what can they tell me that I don't already know. Will finding more lesions really do anything for me? Will they have to find another preventive measure? Any thoughts?

posted about 5 years ago by A MyMSTeam User

Nancy, Sorry to hear of the relapses. The good news is that they were not as bad as they could have been (my supposition). I can only suggest that you… read more

posted about 5 years ago
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Thought this was interes number can only be seen by MyMSTeam users)

posted 9 months ago by A MyMSTeam User

Very interesting and very informative! Thank you.

posted 9 months ago
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My MRI came back as nothing wrong!

How many of you out there have ms but your MRI did not show anything !?

I'm furious because I have been getting some pretty awfull symptoms and I think I'm having a relapse! I have had ms type symptoms for 2 years now! Recently I have been experiencing vertigo, insomnia, burning sensations over different areas of my body, weakness in left arm and left calf and shakes.

What else should I do ?? What about an MRI with ganglion dye !? What could that show ? Any other tests I should… read more

posted almost 3 years ago by A MyMSTeam User

Have they done a Spinal tap?

posted about 1 year ago
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Has anyone experience nausea while getting a MRI with contrast?

Every time I have to get a MRI with contrast, it makes me nauseated, has anyone experience this before? If so, how can you reduce the nausea?

posted almost 5 years ago by A MyMSTeam User

@klbc1990, I do not take anything prior. @Cathygr, maybe I need to look into taking something prior. I dread getting MRIs due to the fact that I get so… read more

posted almost 5 years ago
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Does anyone else request a copy of their MRI disc?

How many of you request a copy of your MRI results disc for your own personal MS file?
If so, do you ever look at it?

posted over 4 years ago by A MyMSTeam User

I got a copy but not sure what is what no report it said they were not available not sure why not have to wait til end of Febto ffind out wish there was… read more

posted over 3 years ago
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how do u get through MRIs? I have 3 tomorrow.

posted over 3 years ago by A MyMSTeam User

I do a couple t hi ings. I go to bed late so I am tired during the MRI. During the MRI I focuson the sounds. The sounds put me to sleep

posted over 3 years ago
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Anyone had a relapse without anything showing on their MRI Scan?

I recently had a mild relapse and an MRI showed no active lesions or inflamation. My nuero says this is because an MRI isnt that sensitive, just wondering if anone else has had the same?

posted about 4 years ago by A MyMSTeam User

why is it dye no dye ive all ways with and with out,you know if there good or know about or realy want to see any thing if there asking for a t 3 mri… read more

posted over 2 years ago
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I can't take be shoved into a tight space or tunnel with no room to move...and having to listen to all those loud machine noises...I won't ever go do one again..NO WAY..

posted almost 4 years ago by A MyMSTeam User

I take a valium an hour before and another just prior. Sleep like a baby, otherwise I couldn't get thru it.

posted 11 months ago
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