Day-to-Day Tips for Managing Cognitive Challenges Due to Multiple Sclerosis

Posted on June 04, 2018

Around 50% of people living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) experience at least some cognitive issues, including challenges with memory, attention span, processing of information, decision making, spatial ability and verbal fluency.1

Even if you're already following steps to maintain brain health, you may already be experiencing some cognitive challenges.

Follow the tips and tricks below to help compensate for these cognitive challenges.


  1. Courtney SW. Cover Story: Cognitive Issues with Multiple Sclerosis: Research, Strategies and Support. Multiple Sclerosis Association of America. https://mymsaa.org/publications/motivator/winter-spring15/cover-story/. Published Spring 2015. Accessed March 2018.
  2. Tips shared by members of MyMSTeam.

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