How do you reduce elevated liver enzymes? Any advise on what foods and supplements might help? or what might cause more harm?

How do you reduce elevated liver enzymes? Any advise on what foods and supplements might help? or what might cause more harm?

I have been on Rebif for the past 9 years since i was diagnosed in 2010 with Relapsing MS. I went gluten-free about a year and 1/2 later. Over all, I actually feel a lot healthier then i was before starting treatment, even with my limitations and my other MS issue.
After about 2 years, I started eating a lot healthier, trying to eat the rainbow of fruits and vegetables,especially kale and… read more

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Along with what Sharon said about Avonex; I’ve had no problems with it and I’ve taken it since 1994 as my primary drug therapy, tho I’ve taken myself off for a few months a couple of times. It’s now in an auto inject pen, so easy to use once a week. Tho about 3yrs ago my LFTs were elevated enough, out of nowhere, that I wasn’t allowed to get the dye for an MRI. It happened twice and I still don’t know the cause.
Milk thistle (esp with dandelion in it) is an excellent liver cleanser. Check with (Josh) who has an abundance of natural supplement info as that is his specialty. Avoid preservatives as much as possible. About two years ago we quit eating things from cans and boxes to reconstitute to appear as real food, and it cuts way down on excess salt, tho still the occasional pizza!) and hubby and I lost weight w/o trying and fairly quickly. No aritficial sweeteners! Pure chemicals and will get you fat so fast you won’t know what’s going on! Godspeed <>

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Great advice above - I have a personalized detox tea blend that my integrative medicine DR and acupuncturist/herbalist developed for me. Going to an integrative medicine DR was a huge turning point for me. She has me on the MITO food plan - it's great because it targets mitochondria health and battles MS fatigue. Been on that over 2 years now and feeling so much better with no new disease activity on MRIs. I don't have personal experience with the treatments you mentioned, but definitely if you have the ability to find a great integrative medicine DR they could help connect all the dots and develop a personalized plan for you. Mine is now the quarterback of my care team and it's really helpful to have someone with that diverse skillset at the helm. My bloodwork changed drastically with the detox tea, MITO clean eating, and detoxing my life (I used to ID safer personal and home products). Every little bit made a huge difference for me.

@A MyMSTeam Member - Chebe pizza bread mix (on Amazon) is delicious and gluten free - we use it to make breadsticks and rolls too. Not that "real" pizza is horrible - I have that occasionally too, but this way we can have it more often and the hubby is happy about that! XX

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Why not try Avonex.It has worked well for me for 20 yrs.I drink no alcohol at all.See what your doc says.Same as Rebif just now as strong.

posted 9 days ago
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Thank you KTontherocks and @A MyMSTeam Member

posted 2 days ago
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Thank you Sharon and Gwen for you responses and advice!
When i see my doctor in November we are going to discuss options and how to proceed, if there is still an issue. I'll ask my doctor about the Avonex, then.
I am already eating pretty health, i cut out a bunch of that stuff several years ago, but there is always room for a little more improvement. Need to cut down on dairy and breads.
I will look into the cleanses and that web site.
Thank you both again, appreciate your advice!!

posted 5 days ago
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