MyMSTeam Results Are In: Here’s What You Had to Say About Living With MS

Posted on June 24, 2016

In December 2014, we asked MyMSTeam members, like you, to participate in a survey about what matters to them in MS. We sent this survey because we believe that you should have a voice in how new MS treatments are developed and how companies prioritize the MS symptoms to tackle next. All the responses were anonymized and no personally identifying information was shared with anyone.

As promised, we are now sharing the results with you.

We believe that when you are diagnosed with MS, getting perspective and connecting with others with MS can help you better manage your life with the disease. Throughout the year we’ll continue to share research results like these with you. Even if you did not directly participate in this survey, we are writing this blog post as if you had, as you are part of the MyMSTeam community, and we want you to feel part of this information-sharing process. We’ll keep you posted on upcoming surveys.

Here are a couple of highlights from this “What Matters in MS” survey:

  • The top three DMTs (disease modifying therapies) were Tecfidera, Tysabri, and Copaxone.
  • More than half indicated they had switched MS therapies within the past two years, and the majority of them switched to an oral drug like Tecfidera, Gilenya, and Aubagio.

Below you’ll find the rest of the results “What Matters in MS” survey. (Click the infographic below to enlarge it.)


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